Mission – you will spend less than one minute to conduct a transaction using the crypto exchanger dashka.exchange. Simplicity and convenience.

What are we doing?

We provide an automated service for exchanging fiat for crypto and back. We also offer cryptocurrency-to-crypto exchange using popular pairs.

How do we do it?

  • our crypto exchanger dashka.exchange has passed KYC verification;
  • we completely excluded human participation in the process;
  • we made a minimum commission;
  • we do not set minimum limits;
  • we defend the client’s right to anonymity;
  • we strive for maximum deal closing speed;
  • we want to satisfy and retain every customer.

Who are we doing it for?

We see our client as a citizen of any country who meets the FATF requirements. If you are interested in crypto, then we are like-minded people! Are you 18 years old? Great! Are you 60? Absolutely wonderful! After all, you and I use crypto and make it a little more popular!

Goals – our crypto exchanger dashka.exchange strives to cover the maximum number of world currencies and provide the user with the maximum number of cryptocurrency pairs.
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