Anti-money laundering AML (Anti-Money Laundering) and KYC (Know Your Customer) are a set of measures and laws aimed at preventing illegal activities in the financial sector, particularly money laundering. AML verification, in turn, is a method to assess the involvement of an address you plan to interact with in “dirty” cryptocurrency. AML and KYC primarily safeguard users. The presence of these tools on the platform signifies our commitment to both user security and our reputation. Choosing a platform without KYC and AML means being prepared for the platform not taking responsibility for your assets and personal information.


AML verification will help protect your assets and your address.. What are the prerequisites for successful cryptocurrency verification? Let’s look at the example of Bitcoin.

1. The operating principle of the blockchain does not allow deleting information about transactions.

2. Everyone can track the amount of transfers thanks to a unique transaction address.

3. Bitcoin is made up of smaller parts whose history can be traced.

As we know, the blockchain remembers everything. These features help track asset movements using an analytical algorithm. Although it is difficult to link a crypto address to an individual right away, it is still possible if the address is used more than once. All this information is recorded in private and public databases, which are checked by the algorithm. When checking, the algorithm “marks” the object being checked with the following labels:

  • darknet services;
  • gambling;
  • trading platforms;
  • malware;
  • exchange services without KYC, etc.

Even if one person uses different addresses, the algorithm identifies him with certain tags and begins to track all addresses and transactions associated with him.
This verification principle underlies AML programs that perform scoring – scanning the blockchain and determining the connection of an asset with illegal tags.


AML makes it possible to check crypto wallets for involvement in illegal activities. This helps both individual users and exchangers, as well as large exchanges, avoid connections with “dirty” assets and protect their reputation and funds.

By creating an application, you automatically agree to conduct an AML check. We, in turn, have the right to refuse to carry out an exchange without explaining the reasons for the refusal when the scoring block is triggered after checking the account.

You can view our AML/KYT policyhere.

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