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Cobie started a rumor about the request Interpol to arrest the head of Binance CZ

Last night, Twitter crypto analyst Cobie started a rumor about an Interpol request for the arrest of the head of Binance CZ

At about 2 a.m., a hash of an encrypted phrase of 5 words was published on Twitter, which they were able to decipher as “Interpol Red Notice for CZ”

As a result of the acceleration of negative rumors, $117M of liquidations occurred in the market, including:

$43.32M (BTC)
$23.23M (Doge)
$18.39M (ETH)

Link to encrypted tweet:


Later, The Block turned to Binance for comments, they received a response that neither Binance employees nor the head of the exchange had received any requests from Interpol.

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18.07.2024, 08:26