How long does it take to buy crypto?

We process all requests automatically 24/7.
Accordingly, your operation will be carried out as quickly as possible, without manual processing.
This usually takes 5-10 minutes.

I bought bitcoin (ether, shiba), but I’ve been waiting for more than ten minutes and there is no crypto. What to do?

If you indicated your wallet correctly, then everything will come soon. In order for your wallet to see the purchased crypto, the transaction must receive the first confirmation. This is a standard requirement. The transaction speed is also affected by the blockchain transaction processing service that you or your provider use.

How to see your Bitcoin transaction?

You can find your Bitcoin transaction in any Bitcoin browser. For example, take a look at
There you enter your wallet number in the search and enjoy tracking transaction confirmations.
You can track the ether in the same way at
Can you find the rest of the currencies yourself? )

Do I risk crypto going up or down while I’m conducting a transaction?

Friend, in those ten minutes while the transaction is ongoing, the situation will not change dramatically. Of course, any crypto has its ups and downs. But this process usually takes longer than ten minutes and lasts at least a couple of weeks. We have been in the crypt for eight years and don’t remember any cases where the crypt grew or fell significantly in a few minutes.

What makes you better than others?

The team at is not only a crypto exchanger. We also share with you the latest information, news and analytics. Instead of boring charts, terms and vague forecasts, we communicate with our client in accessible language about the most important things that are happening in the cryptocurrency market. Check out our telegram channel @dashka_exchange


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