Clients invites its clients to earn money together. Invite your friends and acquaintances and receive a reward for each exchange they make. The greater the amount of exchanges, the greater the reward!

In order to use the affiliate program you need to register on the site. Your login and password will be sent to you by email that you provided during registration. You will find the referral link in your personal account.
The main thing to remember is that the program only works when the referral clicks on your affiliate link.

Your reward percentages depend on the amount of exchanges provided by referrals:

  • 0.1% from 0 to 499 USD
  • 0.2% from 500 to 4999 USD
  • 0.3% from 5000 to 9999 USD
  • 0.4% from 10000 to 14999 USD
  • 0.5% from 15000 USD

The reward amount is calculated from the total exchange amount. If the service does not generate income from the completed application, the affiliate reward is not accrued. Using the affiliate program requires agreement and full compliance with the rules of the site and the referral program.


We also invite monitoring to cooperate. Affiliate remuneration is discussed individually. For any questions, you can write to us in the chat, or at mail.
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