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All news crypto publics are trumpeting the generous distribution of Arbitrum

Today, all crypto news outlets are trumpeting about the generous Arbitrum giveaway. The event turned out to be truly grandiose, because… early adopters received 1,275 yards of free tokens (at the time of writing this post, the token price fluctuates around $1.3).

What does this mean for the average crypto enthusiast who is not into testnets and other rewarded activities?

Well, first of all, I wouldn’t rush out to buy bags full of $ARB. Although the project is loud, it will clearly have time to drop significantly in price.

Secondly, the project is a second-level blockchain based on Ethereum. Such big news, combined with the Shanghai Ethereum updаte, which will be released on April 14th, clearly bodes well for the entire Ethereum ecosystem.

To summarize: we are waiting for a drawdown in the arbitrage and an increase in ether and its daughter tokens. Not financial advice)

Your Dasha

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18.07.2024, 07:27